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“There’s a hole in my heart where the gluten used to be,” is a phrase I often recited both to myself and in all kinds of company. I had a hard time with the conversion. That’s no secret. If you’re a newbie to the diet due to health reasons, I’m sorry, but I’m also here to offer you hope. It gets better, and before you know it, you no longer feel deprived…only delayed. Let me explain.

When I’m out to dinner or at someone’s house and can’t have the something delicious that everybody else is enjoying with gusto, I’m disappointed for a moment. But the sadness doesn’t last because I know I can recreate it (or something just as yummy) at home. That’s the freedom that comes with learning what you can have and what is simple and delicious.

One of the easiest recipes I enjoy in place of my favorite pasta dishes at restaurants is a roasted tomato “sauce” over gf noodles. I like to call it tomato jam because it’s so sweet.

Just cut a couple of pints of cherry or grape tomatoes in half, drizzle with olive oil and about three cloves of garlic, finely chopped. Sprinkle with about 2 teaspoons of sugar and dried basil (or toss with fresh basil when they come out of the oven) and roast at 425 degrees F until the tomatoes are carmelized and release their juices. Toss with your favorite gf pasta and devour!

Amelia’s favorite teacher used to describe her preschoolers’ hearts as buckets. When something nice is said or done for someone, his or her “bucket” is filled with love. This is one of the dishes that fills the hole in my bucket where the gluten used to be.


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